Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rehoboth Trip!

It's been awhile since I've updated and not a lot has happened.

My family and I went down to Rehoboth so I could show them the town and why Lee and I love it so much.  It went really well.  We went to the venue and the beautiful scenery made me want to get married tomorrow.  It's going to be perfect.

We also met with the Caterer Josh, from Nage Restaurant.  He is the best in the universe and just wants us to be happy and for everything to go smoothly.  I need to check out their restaurant in DC.  He drives up from Rehoboth every Tuesday.  I should surprise him! :)  My mom, aunt, and I all really like him and knows he has a real good handle on weddings, which is what we need because we know nothing.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday!  Friday was a little warmer and Saturday was cooler but sunny.  Either one would work for me.  I just want this year to go by like a flash.

We checked out some houses along the beach to see what we could get our hands on for rentals next year.  The homes are beautiful down there.  I love everything about Rehoboth and the beach down there.  It's homey, quaint, and fun.    It's us and home of Dogfish, which is obviously a plus.

Life is good and if I had it my way, I would get married tomorrow and have a big party in Rehoboth a year from now.

Write Soon!

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