Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update! (Beach Wedding...??)

So, I've been thinking.  Have I not chosen a ceremony site/reception hall because I think I may be settling?  What if I were to get married at Lealon and I's most FAVORITE place??  We have both been known to love Rehoboth and decide spontaneously to drive 3 hours for a weekend.. Yep, that's us!  So, I've been fanangling with the idea and decided to run with it.  I'm going to make all the plans for it, before presenting it to our parents.  And when I say present, I mean, powerpoint, pamphlets, speeches, and more! :)

I would like to keep everyone informed, but I cannot do that until the presentation is given.  I don't know who has access to this blog yet, and to prevent anything from leaking, I will have to post it all later.

It is coming together rather nicely, though!  I have a venue and possible caterer, but I'm still awaiting prices to see if it's feasible.  I sure hope so!  I'd love to keep things within budget, if not cheaper with the places I've chosen!

Write soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haven't Really Started...

So, between Biochem and the unbelievably hard GRE's, I haven't been able to do ANY wedding planning until now.  Now that both of those school tasks are complete I can concentrate on WEDDINGS! (Mine and Anna's!!)

As of right now all I have decided is:
Who: Lealon and I...duh. :)
Where: Pittsburgh
When: May 21, 2011
Photographer: Chelsey (Lee's cousin)
Maid Of Honor: Leila (My Sister)
Best Man: Dale (Friend from UPJ)

That's about it.  I don't know colors, bridesmaids, venues, food, DJ, indoor/outdoor, favors, my gown, bridesmaids gown, Tuxes.... ETC.

I'm going to plan a trip to Pittsburgh, specifically to go ceremony/reception hunting!  I would prefer to try and have it at the same place so it's convenient for the guests and the party;  but we'll have to see if that's available.  I would like an outdoor ceremony, but a wedding in May in Pittsburgh is a little sketchy.  The only way I'd do that is if there was an area to have the ceremony indoors if the weather is inhibiting us.  I also want to think about where the ceremony is relative to where our familes/friends live.  That way people can drive home, if need be.

I shall keep you posted with ideas and finalized plans!

Write soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lee and I got engaged August 20, 2009.  He proposed to me while I was half asleep at 5:30 am before he left for work... hahahaha  It wasn't ideal, because then I was obviously so ECSTATIC and had to sit by myself because it was too damn early to call anyone!  [[ I love you, Lealon]]  It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever seen and I can't believe it's mine!

Anyway, that's the story about us.  More will be unraveled as time elapses.  I am new at blogging, but my intent is to create a place where I can write down my ideas, emotions, road bumps, etc.  A place where I can look back and relive my wedding planning.

Write Soon!