Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update! (Beach Wedding...??)

So, I've been thinking.  Have I not chosen a ceremony site/reception hall because I think I may be settling?  What if I were to get married at Lealon and I's most FAVORITE place??  We have both been known to love Rehoboth and decide spontaneously to drive 3 hours for a weekend.. Yep, that's us!  So, I've been fanangling with the idea and decided to run with it.  I'm going to make all the plans for it, before presenting it to our parents.  And when I say present, I mean, powerpoint, pamphlets, speeches, and more! :)

I would like to keep everyone informed, but I cannot do that until the presentation is given.  I don't know who has access to this blog yet, and to prevent anything from leaking, I will have to post it all later.

It is coming together rather nicely, though!  I have a venue and possible caterer, but I'm still awaiting prices to see if it's feasible.  I sure hope so!  I'd love to keep things within budget, if not cheaper with the places I've chosen!

Write soon!

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  1. ok, i have access to this blog... and i check it daily... :) but i may be the only one who knows about it! haha

    but i am loooving this idea! i will help in any way possible! just let me know! :)

    and i'm loving your presentation approach, POWERPOINT!! and your use of the word fanangling... :)