Friday, January 22, 2010

Haven't Really Started...

So, between Biochem and the unbelievably hard GRE's, I haven't been able to do ANY wedding planning until now.  Now that both of those school tasks are complete I can concentrate on WEDDINGS! (Mine and Anna's!!)

As of right now all I have decided is:
Who: Lealon and I...duh. :)
Where: Pittsburgh
When: May 21, 2011
Photographer: Chelsey (Lee's cousin)
Maid Of Honor: Leila (My Sister)
Best Man: Dale (Friend from UPJ)

That's about it.  I don't know colors, bridesmaids, venues, food, DJ, indoor/outdoor, favors, my gown, bridesmaids gown, Tuxes.... ETC.

I'm going to plan a trip to Pittsburgh, specifically to go ceremony/reception hunting!  I would prefer to try and have it at the same place so it's convenient for the guests and the party;  but we'll have to see if that's available.  I would like an outdoor ceremony, but a wedding in May in Pittsburgh is a little sketchy.  The only way I'd do that is if there was an area to have the ceremony indoors if the weather is inhibiting us.  I also want to think about where the ceremony is relative to where our familes/friends live.  That way people can drive home, if need be.

I shall keep you posted with ideas and finalized plans!

Write soon!

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